Human Question #3

What i’m most proud of is being able to pick myself up, and becoming something from nothing. I was able to grow and be  successful. I didn’t have the best supporters by my side, I knew that I had to motivate myself and set goals to test my limits. This changed who I am today and who i’m going to become in the future. I know that anything is possible if I set my mind to it.

Something that im most ashamed of is letting the wrong people see me at my worst. Some have used my weakness against me. There are times when I lose that motivation.  That moment when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. There’s a quote that i’v held on for a long time, “ Once you’ve hit rock bottom the only way is up”. When I feel like I have lost everything, it makes me feel like I have to try harder but change the way I do things. 

The book and the dollar

People view the American Dream in many different ways. For example,the American dream can be seen as spending time with family or creating a family. For some it’s having everything they most desire in the world. Such as having their dream car, dream house and even their dream job. That is why money is the ticket to the American Dream, without money you won’t be able to achieve what you want most  in life. Money opens many pathways in life, it’s the easy way out in many difficult situations. You’re able to make money without education, however you won’t be able to make as much. Education plays a huge role in the American Dream. Education can lead you to better opportunities, therefore you would be able to achieve your life goals in a more realistic way. Yes having money can open pathways easily but education leads to increasing the path to a longer and more productive time. What this means is that Education is the ladder to the American Dream. I hope that education can lead me to great success in the future. Where I am able to accomplish anything I desire to become. I hope that education can increase the income for money. And I hope that money won’t be an issue in the future. Education is very important to me because my family didn’t get the opportunity to be able to get an education. Some of my family members also weren’t able to achieve their goals, to experience the American Dream. I want to be able to show my family members that you can go from nothing to conquering the American Dream.

The American Dream

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What the American Dream looks like

This image exhibits the meaning behind the American Dream. To pursue what you most desire in life is to leave everything behind. The American Dream will always remain alive … full of obstacles and challenges. Having a strong mindset will always present you with a new perspective of how you view every situation. Everything you work hard for is your American Dream. It’s when you have improved and grow from where you started. To always aim for the highest mountain.

This is what the American Dream: Dream- Motivational

This video is able to give examples on why you shouldn’t give up. And what life is full about and what more there is behind the American Dream.

This is how the American Dream feels like

It feels like everything you’ve worked hard for was worth the patience and the wait. No matter how many times you felt like giving up you’re grateful that you never did. You were able to accomplish what you most desire and grew from the lowest point in your life.

The American Nightmare

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What the American Nightmare looks like:

The American Dream is to be able to achieve ones ideal life in the land of the free. But what no one really understands is that to achieve the dream, others will have to suffer. The American Dream cannot be obtain by everyone, in this case it can only be opened to a certain “class”. The image above is able to convey the border between America and Mexico in the form of the American Flag. This symbolizes the USA…and a sneak peak of what can be acquire. In most situations parents sacrifice themselves for their their children, that way at least they’re able to live up to the American dream. In some cases people surround others with obstacles to never achieve the Dream and take credit for their hard work . That is the American Nightmare.

What the American Nightmare sounds like: Reasons why dads lie.

This video is able to show a brief example of what the American Nightmare looks like. It shows what parents go through on a daily basis for their loved ones, they’re able to sacrifice themselves and their hard work to give someone else a better life.

What the American Nightmare feels like:

It’s feels like hope has hidden under a rock. No matter how hard you work, it feels as if you’re only working hard for someone else. Not getting where you’re aiming to go. This can lead to feeling hopeless and giving up on what you most desire. To questioned everything you have done and where you have gone wrong.

I Struggle & I Emerge

Throughout these past few years I’ve been considered determined and thoughtful. 

People ask me how I overcome my struggles , but no one really overcomes them. You either learn from them or let them overcome you.

Growing up i never had a close relationship with my mother. I thought to myself that things would eventually change when I grew up.

I was 16 when my mom left. You never know pain when the one person you care about leaves because of you.

My mom blamed me for all her problems, she always made sure that I knew it was my fault.

I grew up with that mentality, I was afraid to get close to anyone because I didn’t want them to leave me when I most needed them, because of this I distant myself and lost many friendships.

My mom was the biggest part of my life. Not having her around made things very difficult for me.

I had to learn to be independent at a young age. I wasn’t completely alone, I had my uncle, brother and my grandma. My dad had taken my moms side and we became distant. I have 4 siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister. Out of my 4 siblings I was only able to see one of them and that was my older brother because I lived with him. Your siblings become your best friends, no matter how much they make you mad you always forgive them because they’re family. Not having them around was lonely and quiet. 

I struggle trying to make the right choices, I was angry because their decision on leaving affected me in a negative way. I couldn’t see what was right from wrong.

I relied on what would make me happy and how it would benefit me. I didn’t think on how it would affect others. This led me to be alone and angry, angry because I blamed everyone else. And I was always right.


I can say that I am different from everyone else. People go through different situations throughout their life that creates them into who they are going to become in the future.

Everything that was put through my path took away a big part that made me who I am. She’s not completely gone, I know she’s still inside somewhere.

At times I asked myself if it’s better this way, but sometimes I wonder how things would be if she was here.

Both my parents are from Mexico. My older brother and I were born over there, except for my little sister. My parents came to America to give us a better future.

There was a time where all my family got along. And then there’s a blur, everything happened so fast. One day my parents were together and the other my dad was gone. I still got to see him but I questioned myself why he wouldn’t come home.

Holidays were the hardest, I would spent Christmas with my mom while my other siblings would spend it with my dad. Then new year would be spent with my dad while my siblings with my mom.

I was angry, not because my parents weren’t together but the fact that every decision they were making was affecting us.

School was starting and with everything going on I couldn’t concentrate. My teachers pushed me to do better, but I couldn’t.

My brother became quiet, and my sister became rebellious. I in the other hand became very depressed. When you think of 11 year old, you imagine a kid running around the yard, playing with toys, everything a kid is supposed to do. You don’t imagine an 11 year old kid planning on how to end pain or coming up with a way to make herself feel a bigger pain so she would get used to it. But that was my childhood.

As I grew older I figured out new ways to help me deal with everything. I started enjoying life more despite the difficulties. I didn’t want my parents problems to get in the way of my happiness.

I started high school, this was only the beginning of  a new chapter in my life. 

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