The book and the dollar

People view the American Dream in many different ways. For example,the American dream can be seen as spending time with family or creating a family. For some it’s having everything they most desire in the world. Such as having their dream car, dream house and even their dream job. That is why money is the ticket to the American Dream, without money you won’t be able to achieve what you want most  in life. Money opens many pathways in life, it’s the easy way out in many difficult situations. You’re able to make money without education, however you won’t be able to make as much. Education plays a huge role in the American Dream. Education can lead you to better opportunities, therefore you would be able to achieve your life goals in a more realistic way. Yes having money can open pathways easily but education leads to increasing the path to a longer and more productive time. What this means is that Education is the ladder to the American Dream. I hope that education can lead me to great success in the future. Where I am able to accomplish anything I desire to become. I hope that education can increase the income for money. And I hope that money won’t be an issue in the future. Education is very important to me because my family didn’t get the opportunity to be able to get an education. Some of my family members also weren’t able to achieve their goals, to experience the American Dream. I want to be able to show my family members that you can go from nothing to conquering the American Dream.

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