The American Nightmare

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What the American Nightmare looks like:

The American Dream is to be able to achieve ones ideal life in the land of the free. But what no one really understands is that to achieve the dream, others will have to suffer. The American Dream cannot be obtain by everyone, in this case it can only be opened to a certain “class”. The image above is able to convey the border between America and Mexico in the form of the American Flag. This symbolizes the USA…and a sneak peak of what can be acquire. In most situations parents sacrifice themselves for their their children, that way at least they’re able to live up to the American dream. In some cases people surround others with obstacles to never achieve the Dream and take credit for their hard work . That is the American Nightmare.

What the American Nightmare sounds like: Reasons why dads lie.

This video is able to show a brief example of what the American Nightmare looks like. It shows what parents go through on a daily basis for their loved ones, they’re able to sacrifice themselves and their hard work to give someone else a better life.

What the American Nightmare feels like:

It’s feels like hope has hidden under a rock. No matter how hard you work, it feels as if you’re only working hard for someone else. Not getting where you’re aiming to go. This can lead to feeling hopeless and giving up on what you most desire. To questioned everything you have done and where you have gone wrong.

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